PCB distribution

We let them run.

For every challenge the right solution

We work together with a wide range of PCB manufacturers all over the world. This enables us to react swiftly to the special features of each individual PCB. Whether HAL or gold, FR4 or metal-printed, 35 µm or thick copper, or any structure up to 75 µm. Whatever the level of difficulty, we have the right manufacturer.

Our advantages include consulting, advance checking of customer data, coordination with the PCB manufacturers, and incoming lot control before delivery to our customers.


  • Single-sided, double-sided and multilayer up to 12 layers
  • Through-hole plating
  • Solder-resist mask, photosensitive, free choice of colour
  • Gilding - partial
  • Carbon printing
  • Hot-air levelling
  • Assembly printing
  • CNC contour milling
  • Electric test

Base materials:

  • FR2, CEM-1, FR4
  • KC 400
  • HF materials