It takes good skills to construct them.

PCB design is our strong point.

A PCB (Printed Circuit Board - also known as printed wiring board, printed board or on-chip circuit) is a carrier for electronic components which acts as a mechanical mounting and electric connection. Almost every electronic device contains one or more PCBs. Because of our manifold production possibilities our spectrum of products is very multifaceted.

Using PCB layout software such as Ariadne or Altium we design your prototype PCBs, regardless of their complexity or technology. It goes without saying that everything is EMC-compatible and production-optimized. The three-dimensional portrayal of the layout facilitates an optimum connection to mechanical CAD systems.

Via partner companies on our premises we can also support you in your circuit development.


  • CoB
  • HDI
  • metal core technology
  • one-push technology
  • thick copper