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JuB Creative Product

Microtechnology of the highest precision.


  • Our nomination video for the Innovation's Award Thüringen 2013

    To the Video >>>

    To the Video >>>
  • New website for all displays

    Always accessable for you.

    „With the relaunch of our website we are improving its accessability for various displays and devices. Thus we path the way for more users to get in touch with our extended online information.", Claudia Jacob (managing...
  • Stencils for paste and glue prints

    Extremely high precision ...

    ... is a necessary condition for optimal prints at paste and glue printings on circuit boards (cbs). 

    We provide you with a high precision tool to actualise your ideas of quality.

  • Application for Thüringer Innovationspreis

    Here is the newspaper report, published by Thüringer Allgemeine ...

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    (c) Thüringer Allgemeine, 2013
  • Welcome to jub Creative Product.

    Inquiry one day, delivery the next. Electronics and mechanics from a single source.

    With speed and accuracy we can make your ideas a reality. Our rapid development times are based on short communication channels, a highly motivated team of specialists, and state-of-the-art machines. This makes us a much-sought-after partner in the industry. Our production areas include metalworking, precision mechanics, prototyping, short production runs and PCB design and distribution.